Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it? | Chia sẻ hữu dụng nhất về thiết kế

Hình như bạn đang muốn tìm hiểu chủ đề về i7-4900mq có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn xem chia sẻ về chủ đề Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it? đúng vậy không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it? | Thủ thuật hữu dụng nhất về thiết kế.


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Chia sẻ liên quan đến nội dung i7-4900mq.

In this video we’re taking a look at i7-4980hq, which is the most powerful CPU that you can theoretically put into T440p. Is it worth getting over officially supported processors like i7-4712mq and 4910mq? Let’s find out.

Link to the CPU:


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Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it?
Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it?

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Chinese i7-4980HQ in Thinkpad T440p – Worth it?.


Chúng tôi mong rằng những Kinh nghiệm về chủ đề i7-4900mq này hữu ích cho bạn. Chúng tôi chân thành .

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  1. Imagine cpu i7 4980HQ apply in T540p with big body & more greater cooling than T440p. And also, don't forget T540p also have expresscard slot, so if CPU i7 4980HQ + eGPU expresscard, how much raw power it ?

  2. Just curious… Instead of the faster…, and thus, hotter…, i7-4980HQ…, have you considered…, or heard of anyone else, using a slower…, and thus, cooler…, Haswell HQ CPU with Iris Pro 5200 graphics…, such as the i7-4750HQ?

  3. Is this really the fastest CPU option out there? I mean GPU wise, no doubt the Iris Pro takes the cake easily, but raw CPU power? What about my i7-4930MX CPU? It has 8M cache instead of 6M and runs at Base 3GHZ (3.2 for me) and can boost to 3.9GHZ. Also you think 47W is bad that CPU takes 57W 😂

  4. is it really safe to apply transparent nail polish to isolate other parts ??? or what kind of nail polish you need for this? i assume theree must be something inside it that makes it not burn and not drive current…

  5. According to Lenovo website specs for t440p is was available with i7-4900MQ series processors from the factory. How did it handle the heat in this factory configuration?

  6. Just curious, have you or anyone that has done this mod, installed OS X and tested it's compatibility? I love my OpenCore T440p, but could use a little more oomph then my 4700mq is giving me, and this 4980hq with the Iris Pro is definitely something that would fit the bill.

  7. Thx for the good information.
    You think a game like tekken 7 would run on low settings on a 440p?
    In first place its not that important but I want to know what are the max. Limits in gaming on this laptop.
    Thx in advance ✌️

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