Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất liên quan đến chủ đề làm video

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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor | Thủ thuật hữu ích liên quan đến chủ đề làm video.

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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS – Responsive Wix Editor | Editor X by Wix is a completely new and responsive Wix website editor. This new technology opens up a world of opportunity for Wix users to create seamless and mobile responsive and tablet responsive websites on Wix.

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What is incredible is that Editor X by Wix does not just effect the direct Wix market with an incredible new web design editor for bold creators, but it also paved a completely new path for the Wix training market.

As the largest global Wix training community on the internet, we will be dedicated to creating Editor X tutorials and Editor X training. I’m not kidding when I say that Editor X will provide this channel its next 300-400 videos. Editor X by Wix is a massive new platform with so much to learn.

I could not think of a better way to kick off our Editor X by Wix training and tutorial series than by showing my first reaction to Editor X. I was seriously impressed with what Wix had created on Editor X for bold creators and designers. At the same time, I was very overwhelmed with all of the new design, functionality and development.

What’s crazy is that 8 years ago, I launched this channel with the intention of training the Wix market on the HTML Editor. Fast-forward and I get the incredible opportunity to do it again on a bold, new responsive editor on Wix.

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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor
Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor

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Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor.

font vngrid.

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33 thoughts on “Editor X by Wix Review | FIRST REACTIONS | Responsive Wix Editor | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất liên quan đến chủ đề làm video”

  1. Hey buddy 🙂 what's up? I fell in love with the editor X but my business is built on the normal Wix. I have noticed it's much more responsive and fluid than the 'old' editor. Is it possible to switch from old to the editor X? Another question is does the editor X have all the integration as the normal builder? Thank you so much!!

  2. First time viewer here. it would be a bit of a relief if it wasn't all about you. All the time. but about the subject matter instead. Maybe you don't hear it but you're coming across as a bit of a ego-centric person. It's unnecessary in it detracts from your message.

  3. Hello Sir,
    First of all thanks a lot for making these kind of videos.
    I have 2 queries will you please help me out for this
    1.How can I remove right click option from my website which i created with wix.com for securing/protect my content.

    2. How can I disable wix name from the view page source.
    I will be very thankful.

  4. Some update on wix with a Branding.
    The guy tries to get some referrals:


    in this description like. 😛 That is why he is so fake-hyped. WOW, GUYS, WOW

    Still wix is one option for small business owners especially for presentation websites.

  5. this is the only one i like right now. easy to jump into and less stiff than the others. the damn picker is annoying. why cant we just click on the damn hex number

  6. Hi again ! 🙂 Is it possible to build a Wix website to someone who needs it? If yes, how can we do that? Does he have to add me as a Wix Partner so we can get contact and rebuild or Build from scratch his website? Thank you! 🙂

  7. Is this only for Wix? I'd like a website editor that I can design visually with no coding… but on a platform I can actually use for clients that's professional as WordPress, because I'm sick of wordpress and getting lost in it.

  8. Was excited to get started with this new editor but after about 2 hours of yelling at my poor computer for the laggy unclear and buggy editor I decided to stay away from this absurd platform and go back to wasting my time with the classic editor where I spend most of my time making the website look as little as possible as a Wix website. I honestly thought this was going to be a breakthrough but it feels like they tried to pack all the advanced features on WordPress into an oversimplified interface and left any hint of a friendly user experience. Maybe if a couple of years we'll get there…

  9. I disliked WIX. but the company am at atm. build their website based on Wix. hahahaha. am re doing all their site,.Therefore am giving Wix a try.. then after, while I was reading about Wix. I bumped into EditorX….(KEEP READING) hahaha now I want to get my feet wet for personal use as well. I was debating whether to jump into WEBFLOW but I think EditorX could be my start up point. so how this works?. will EditorX be independent from ugly Wix? hopefully… atm the company has a premium membership. does EditorX comes included on the premium or is it purchased separately?


  10. Editor X is one of the most developed website creator I have ever seen. I am clearly looking forward to tons of videos from the Wix training academy to learn more about this powerful creation from WIX.

  11. i used to use hover boxes a lot in my wix editor sites. for instance, i would place logos in them and create a hover effect like making a logo's color pop. i can't seem to find hover boxes or a solution to make such effects on the new editor x. please assist.

  12. I like how it’s now responsive and supper snappy it is but it’s a shame how much this looks like square space and it reminds me of Google Docs (especially the top menu, blue accents and squared buttons and menus, once you see it you can’t unsee it).
    The interface would look better if there were more symbols in the main sections of the menus instead of plain text; now it feels less visual and intuitive and the width of the menus cover up the website more on the sides.
    I hope dark mode is introduced at least, my eyes will get tired of so much white.
    On a positive note, the new themes are really pretty, although I never use the themes and always start from scratch since you cannot freely change themes if you want freshen up your website later.

  13. I'm not totally feeling the love for Editor X. It's not as intuitive as the classic editor. It's a completely different beast. It may be a bit too much complexed for what I want to use it for.

    The acid test will be the reaction from experienced web designers, how it performs, how bloated the code is and what Google thinks of it.

  14. I also used Wix editor x today. I was shocked for some moments, the editor os really easy to control and place the section, images, text, I was felt like I'm using photoshop. and was trying photoshop shortcuts and it's work. Hahah. I was just speechless. got really cool editor. love wix!


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