Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya | Kinh nghiệm có ích nhất liên quan đến chủ đề làm video

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Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất liên quan đến chủ đề làm video.

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Nội dung liên quan đến chuyên mục plugin sketchup 2014.

There’s a treasure trove of models that you can find at the 3D Warehouse which are mainly Sketchup Models (.SKP) and essentially all you need to do is convert them to an .OBJ file. However, there’s some things you need to know regarding the process and this tutorial by Stuart Christensen will show you the ropes and tips needed to get a good conversion for use in Maya. So, get your set together and lets work with Sketchup and Maya! Enjoy!

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Hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya.

Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya
Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya

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Maya Stuart Christensen Tutorial Sketchup Conversion Model.

Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya.

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26 thoughts on “Maya 2014 Convert Sketchup Models To Use in Maya | Kinh nghiệm có ích nhất liên quan đến chủ đề làm video”

  1. Hey Stu it's been a while since your last video but I just want to tell you that I will be forever grateful for your content! You helped me out so much back then! Hope you're doing great! 😀

  2. hi and thanks for your great maya videos, i have a question, i like the stability of maya 2014 sp3, i dont like maya 2015,2016,2017,2018 because its full of bugs or bad compatibility, so i stay in maya 2014, what do you think about it ? thanks for advance.

  3. Hi Deepfried
    I'm getting a full archvis scene from a client and I need to shade and render it in Maya. I don't have any experience with Sketchup, if this OBJ Exporter is used for a full scene with multiple objects will they all be in one group in Maya or is there any possibility that each object will be neatly in its own group? This might be very wishful thinking but I'm hoping this is the case. Thanks 🙂

  4. For people using the dae export of older free versions, using not triangulate and triangulate isn't that of a problem, if your model has not that much parts, only some complex parts that are not quads will not be exported, you can recreate them in maya with the Filll holle tool.
    If you are triangulating there are some tools to change the topology in maya, and even a automatic "quadrangulate" button, in either way the most important thing to fix with maya is that almost every face is separated of others, the easy fix, is to select your hole model and use the "combine" tool, later in vertex mode use the "merge" tool and tweek the threshold so you unite all your faces barely before getting some errors in other parts of your model :D.

    This instructions could be follow in lot of modeling programms, so happy sketchin :)!!

  5. i went to the page to download the exporter but i dont see a download link anywhere and that isnt shown in this video either. im pretty lost which is sad because i really need this

  6. first problem
    the free version of sketchup has not export option

    second problem
    with whatever exporter you will have some faces triangulated

    the best method is opening the sketchup file in 3ds max , they opens in 3ds max intact , then you can add an editable poly modifier to everything and send them to maya (alternatively you can export to fbx in 3ds max)

    you'll have everything intact without triangulation

  7. I have to be missing something.  Loads of beginners are praising you and you have no dislikes on this, so it has to be myself that's the problem.  My SketchUp has no export options but .dae.
    It's been a nightmare trying to get my SketchUp manor into Maya, and a chief reason is the .dae format or I'm mistaken.  Any thoughts on that?

  8. Hi, can you tell me how can I get similar result of Full Crease and Half Crease on Maya 2014? Crease tool is working only on Polygon but not on Sbd. Even if I use crease tool on Poly, they show no effect after render, it just a basic geometry. I use to work on Subd in Maya 2008, but they are gone, so I converted a poly to a subd, but it's not working.

  9. I tried to find your website today and i could not find it or access it, didnt work when i put it into the top bar of my browser either.

    Love your work you've helped me so much, i try and show my friends your videos whenever we are trying to problem solve. Thanks 🙂

    PS im trying to model a 60s F1 race car, including its uncovered V12 engine, wondering if you have any videos that would help with creating my mesh. Im doing ok just dont want to discover an easier method 2weeks from now.

  10. your tutorials are the best on the web!…thank you.
    I have one major issue however… models are created in inventor, I try bringing them into Maya for rendering and animation purposes, I can get them in as a stp file but I can not assign dynamics such as fire in particular, I try converting them and it assigns fire but when I move the object it breaks apart….I desperately need help, can you help me out?

  11. Thank you for the plugin help its awesome.  Only problem is, when I export the .obj from SketchUp and Import it into Maya everything works except. I go to my Outliner to see all the parts that make up the model (select Display Shapes), it does not break it down into sections.  Instead it says "PalletJointed1:pallet_SKP_Default_Material" am I doing something wrong?  The file name is PalletJointed, but I don't understand why is it is not sorting it out.  It is just a normal work pallet I am making.

  12. Stuart, thanks so much for your excellent tutorials.  I'm learning quite a bit from both, your tutorials and the other sites that you plug. But darn, I don't have time for reading a book, I have too many lessons to learn  🙂

  13. Thank you very much for creating these brilliant tutorials. You have been an invaluable source of knowledge and useful tidbits in regards to 3D modelling. I have been hoping for this tutorial for a while now and am very pleased it came from my favourite youtuber!

  14. I really appreciate your helpful tutorials. They don't presuppose an extensive knowledge of CG and offer lots of accessible time saving techniques. keep up the great work!

  15. what i most enjoy about your tutorials is your personality man. i was never a big reader, but when i started doing cg 2 years ago (school) i bought 4 books related to 3d and anatomy for drawing. and when i graduate i will read them all carefully and learn every single bit of it. so thanks for motivating a bunch of people who are willing to learn every once in a while! cheers


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