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Nếu bạn đang muốn tra cứu cách có liên quan chủ đề rick owens sneaker, Nhưng Bạn chưa tìm được những nội dung uy tín hoặc những câu trả lời có ích cho nội dung của mình, thì mời bạn xem nhanh tin tức đầy đủ dưới đây do chúng tôi chuẩn bị ngay sau đây.

Rick Owens Sneakers: Neat or Beat? | Xem thêm nhiều công thức hữu ích nhất tại đây.


Ngoài ra đọc các thông tin này các bạn có thể xem một số nội dung hữu dụng khác do Chúng mình cung cấp ngay đây nhé.

Rick Owens Sneakers: Neat or Beat? và các hình ảnh liên quan đến nội dung này.

Rick Owens Sneakers: Neat or Beat?
Rick Owens Sneakers: Neat or Beat?

rick owens sneaker và các Thông tin liên quan đến chủ đề.

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Rick Owens Sneakers: Neat or Beat?.

rick owens sneaker.

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  1. For me, it is important to know the leather the designer is using. When the leather is more delicate and very sensible, I prefer a cleaner/ not so much damaged look. When the leather is like that it will look not so good. When the leather is more heavy/ sturdy it is more forgiving and better for heavier use. I think Rick sneakers use all kinds of different leather thickness, right?

  2. My take is think ‘and’ instead of ‘or’. Some shoes look better with patina and the marks of wear, whilst others benefit from crisp maintenance. I like the creasing of my R.O. black leather boots. I keep runners clean to accentuate the white sole silhouet. If you can’t decide, buy two pairs and go all out on one vs babying the other. I do wish the Ramone/Geobasket rubber soles were not so soft at the heels in terms of longevity.

    Thoughts on Gethsemane preco?

  3. i like to have my shoes clean ramones when there beat loses shape ,yellowing,and fading canvas i prefer ramones to look close to brand new.I don’t mind having a beat pair of dunks considering how old they are and the piss yellow looks good to me and it adds character a brand new mint condition 09 dunk would look mad weird

  4. I think there's a big difference between used and abused. Major heel drag or holes in the upper show neglect and a lack of preservation, and never looks good. But on the other hand, clean and crisp looks better for dress shoes, not so much sneakers. Seeing casual shoes crisp and clean feel inauthentic and baby-ed. Personally, they remind me of celebrities that will wear a brand new pair of Air Forces every day so they always look nice. A warn pair of shoes feel more genuine to me. Scuffs, or weathering shows they're loved and worn frequently, but still respected enough be cleaned or repaired when necessary.

  5. I feel you're completely missing the point here. RO sneakers are not something you're supposed to wear with tailored wool/mohair blend suit and crisp white shirt, so the argument that beat sneakers are not matching "expensive" outfit is not valid at all. Just look at Rick's items – he's making leathers that look like they're damaged (blistered leathers), unstable cotton t-shirts and tank tops with raw hems which are easily damaged, he often leaves raw hems in many garments, his drkshdw collage denim looks like it's made out of leftover scraps of some fabrics, you really need someone who knows rick to tell that this is an expensive outfit – for an untrained eye at least some of the clothing that Rick makes looks beat up. That's why worn and beat sneakers match this stuff better than super clean and fresh ones.

  6. You should have included some closeups, because the difference is barely noticeable, which in turn shows that it doesn't matter that much because barely anybody will notice it. And yes, shoes tell a lot about someone, because most people only have a couple of pairs of shoes they mainly wear

  7. I don’t want to be stressed about keeping my clothing items be pristine. I should be wearing them, rather than them wearing me. There are few sneakers that look good with wear and tear unlike Rick Owens footwear

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