Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review) | #1 đánh giá far cry primal | Kiến thức hữu ích nhất

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Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review) | Chia sẻ hữu ích.

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Far Cry Primal in 2021. Should you Buy it. In this video I give my honest 2021 review of Far Cry Primal, I let you know the pros and cons and let you guys know if Far Cry Primal is still worth buying in 2021. If you enjoyed the video or found it helpful feel free to leave a like on the video and subscribe to the channel!

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Far Cry Primal in 2021 – Should you Buy It? (Review)

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Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review)
Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review)

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Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review).

đánh giá far cry primal.

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27 thoughts on “Should you Buy Far Cry Primal in 2021? (Review) | #1 đánh giá far cry primal | Kiến thức hữu ích nhất”

  1. I bought it cause it was only $11 and I hadn’t played it in a couple years and I remembered liking it. I ended up only making it half way through before I got bored and deleted it.

  2. Wow bro you’re complaining way too much about a game that clearly everyone likes alot. Literally everyone in the comments are saying how awesome it is. You really made this game seem horrible. Is it really that bad or is it just not ur kind of game?

  3. Dude it was the most unique because of not having guns And when you say that you sound like the average cod fan. But not having guns, that’s what made it fun and your intellect of the story was the same as a fucking Udam club warrior there was an actual story to this and the gathering was for the surviving aspect and hardly a chore unless you were on survivor mode it feels like you skipped most of the cutscenes (which by the way we’re pretty fucking good) Don’t get me wrong combat could have been better yes but the whole idea of this game in my opinion especially if you’ve ever played on perma death (or at least the whole game on expert) is what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. you gain More strength and craft better weapons and adapt to the harsh environment of this time period where you are obviously not the top of the food chain just yet

  4. Hell no. I earned the platinum trophy and if you just play the main story it’s a 5/10 game at best, considering what games are doing nowadays. I would buy for 10$ or less, and don’t platinum one of the most boring platinum trophies ever.

  5. Sorry mate but your review sucks. If you didn't like the game don't waste your time trying to be fun. Primal just got a 60fps boost and looks even better than before and I'm about to repurchase this baby.

  6. I just started playing FC Primal. Are the controls for up and down supposed to be backwards? Up is down and down is up. I couldn't find how to change it. Any suggestions? I'm soooo confused!

  7. If you go into it thinking of it as a caveman game not a far cry game, it’s amazing. This was the first far cry game I played and I went into thinking “oooo caveman smash other caveman with club” and I wasn’t disappointed.

  8. Nah. Primal has a great story. And a great protagonist. And a great gameplay. Why don't you ever throw spears? Or show the bombs this game offers?

    In your another video where you compare 4 and Primal, you attempt to show how boring Primal is compared to 4 by showing you doing basic spear hits to the body of an archer (not a good strat) versus shooting a car with a flamethrower. Why did you not ride a sabertooth and throw fire bombs or flaming spears for Primal, for example? Or stomp an enemy outpost with a herd of mammoths? I feel you are try-trying your best to show Primal and the lack of guns as a very poor and boring concept. "Bow is point and shoot". I mean, what the guns are then if not point and shoot?

    I do agree that the melee combat should have more to it. There are many tricks you can use, but they're not obvious. I especially wish there was more challenging options for fighting animals with melee. However, part of why melee fighting looks worse than it is, is because of the easier difficulties. You can get away with very poor and skilless tactics, like standing up close to an enemy and dealing & eating attacks. The harder the difficulty, the more you have to think how to approach the enemies.

    Anyway, I think this review could have been more accurate and fair. I'm biased of course, this game is my favourite. But still, I don't think it's that honest to say for example "the enemies use telepathy to call reinforcements" when there is a clear game mechanic to it.

  9. A little late here, I love your videos and your thoughts. This game to me was for some ofd reason one of the best games I’ve ever played mainly because of the setting made me feel like I was playing an entirely new type of game. I haven’t felt like that since Gears of War 1, Assassins Creed 1 or even something like skate 3 in terms of skateboarding games. Those games changed the way I felt about gaming entirely and even though the story isn’t amazing I didn’t expect it to be because of the setting but I truly felt like a caveman. Maybe it’s because of my lower expectation that I love those game so much.

  10. He randomly talking shit about this game like the fact tpu have to craft everything he call it boring butt thats the whole reason it feels more diffucult like you realy are their to survive this game is honestly still veey good


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