So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất về thiết kế

Hình như bạn đang muốn tìm kiếm nội dung nói về game concept art có phải không? Phải chăn bạn đang muốn xem hướng dẫn về chủ đề So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

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So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art | Hướng dẫn hay nhất về thiết kế.

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Chia sẻ liên quan đến bài viết game concept art.

Hãy xem video này để tìm hiểu một chút về vai trò của nghệ sĩ ý tưởng trong nhóm trò chơi, từ việc thiết lập các ràng buộc và chuẩn bị thiết kế một ý tưởng, đến thu hẹp …

Hình ảnh liên quan đến chuyên mục So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art.

So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art
So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art

>> Ngoài xem chủ đề này bạn có thể tìm hiểu thêm nhiều Thủ thuật đơn giản nhất về thiết kế tại đây: Xem thêm nhiều thông tin hay tại đây.

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So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art.

game concept art.

Mong rằng những Chia sẻ về chủ đề game concept art này có giá trị cho bạn. Chân thành cảm ơn.

30 thoughts on “So You Wanna Make Games?? | Episode 2: Concept Art | Kinh nghiệm đơn giản nhất về thiết kế”

  1. 12:26 me encantó el vídeo!! Y en un futuro me gustaría trabajar en , comics o animación o arte conceptual , asi que gracias por los concejos que dan , aun me queda mucho que practicar , osea llevo desde los 2 años dibujando y a los 10 lo deje (por una profe de Artística …) A los 12 volví a dibujar y ya tengo 15 años , lo cual creo que para mi edad , dibujo normal , asi que espero mejorar , chau que la pasen bien y tengo ganas de ese MMO!!!!

  2. Man this is such cool advice, I originally wanted to be a comic illustrator for monthly series, but after realizing how painstaking it is I decided not to and drop it, instead I want to become now a concept artist I have at least 3 years of art experience I know how to paint and I know how to use digital art that's not necessarily perfect but I can get my hands around things and I have pretty good ideas of course during this whole quarantine I haven't been able to do much of anything cuz I'm constantly bored and drained but I always try to make an effort to do something at least my goal is, to go to Florida because I live on a tiny island called Puerto Rico and they want to move to the state so I can get into a good college, and I want to learn at Ringling college of art and design it's quite expensive but I'm saving up money for that but before I actually do decide going there I have to check out my options around other areas because I don't want to you know just stay on one track cuz I always got to have plan B's always, but I want to study illustration and maybe a little bit of fine art and when I get my degree I can finally go into a company that designs video games I know this is quite a stretch but I kind of want to work for Sony interactive entertainment like PlayStation because they're the biggest gaming industry right now and well I love video games and I love creating, it's a good mix

    Now I know I'm going to have to practice a crap ton but it's all worth it and hopefully I land a job at PlayStation or a good video game company and then I can do all of the concept work and work with a good team that we all agree on and create something cool

    I'm taking advice from videos like this cuz I really need to immerse myself into these kinds of things before I go head first

    And to any new artist out there I have some advice you can draw everyday but there's a consequence, it will drain you instead why don't you draw from time to time whenever you really feel like it, rather than constantly trying to get better when really your beginning and it's ok to mess up and not be perfect

    That's what art is all about

    Art is never perfect and it never will be

    But it's up to you to make it better than it was

    We don't reach a certain point and be like "oh well that's enough'

    Even the most experienced artist can still go on and learn


    My final message

    Go out there and create to your hearts content

    No matter what comes out

    Always know your striving and getting better

    There's no shame in messing up

    Anyway that's a small story of mine lol

    TLDR: am 16 year old boyo who want to go make le art at United States and get in a good coompany like play stashion or something similar

    And create le concept art for video games 😀

  3. I saw this when it first came out 2 years ago as a League fan. I have now returned to watch it now as a young concept artist. Super happy that my mentor mentioned and referenced this video. So much newer information! Thanks, Riot. 😀


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