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Studio One – Intro to Mai Tai (Synth) | Thông tin hay nhất.


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In this lesson, we go over the basic features of Studio One’s most powerful synth—Mai Tai. Though not as deep as some other synths, Mai Tai provides a perfect training ground for learning synthesis and exploring various synth textures. In the next video, we will use Mai Tai to create a simple bass patch. Please leave any questions or feedback below in the comments section.

This lesson is part of a massive Studio One Music Production Course, available for FREE here on YouTube. You can find the rest of the course at the link below.

“Why do I see/hear the word ‘Lydian’ in these videos?”
This Studio One course was originally created to be a standalone course outside of YouTube, and the name of that course/project was Lydian Learning. The name has now changed but everything else is the same.

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Studio One - Intro to Mai Tai (Synth)
Studio One – Intro to Mai Tai (Synth)

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Studio One – Intro to Mai Tai (Synth).

tai plugins.

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  1. Great content, have subscribed and I’m just trying to find the follow up Mai Tai instructional videos. Maybe you could put them in a playlist to make it easier? Thanks for the good work

  2. I have subscribed, Liked what i've viewed, going through your other playlists. They are awesome! You really help me appreciate the simple elegance of the tools and instruments provided in Studio One.

  3. I'd like to second all the other comments here, these are by far the best tutorials I've seen on StudioOne. Thanks, very well explained and very helpful!

  4. Awesome video man. Most of my synth tracks that I create come from silly little riffs on my guitar. Which is cool. But then I have to come up with other guitar parts😂

  5. Max….I've learned more and had more fun with my Studio One environment since I've been binge watching your stuff than I can describe. Your use of analogies to describe complex topics combined with your video & audio editing skills and attention to detail makes for some exceptional instructional content. I'll remember these days down the road when you are a phenom. Keep it up and tell us where we can send money….or at least put up an Amazon gift list. (BTW- I keep posting these comments in the hopes that others might stumble onto your material and benefit like I did)

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