Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM | Kinh nghiệm có ích nhất về Autocad

Có phải là bạn đang muốn tìm kiếm nội dung về inventor hsm có phải không? Dường như bạn đang muốn xem nội dung về chủ đề Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM đúng không? Nếu đúng như vậy thì mời bạn xem nó ngay tại đây.

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Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM | Hướng dẫn đơn giản nhất về Autocad.

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Titan Gilroy đến từ Titan American đã chế tạo để tạo ra các con chip bay, gia công một vỏ bánh răng tuyệt vời trên chiếc máy 5 trục mới của anh ấy từ Haas Automation, sử dụng Inventor HSM từ Autodesk. Kiểm tra các chương trình !! .

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Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM
Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM

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Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM.

inventor hsm.

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38 thoughts on “Titan machining cool gear housing with Inventor HSM | Kinh nghiệm có ích nhất về Autocad”

  1. I have a dumb question. I own an AXYZ cnc table myself and I was instructed that we must always cut forward.

    I would like to know:

    Why do you run your tool backward?
    Usually, the cutting teeth are suppose to run into the material so to have a brighter finish because, once cut, the scrap stuff is suppose to move out upwardly, is'nt it? Know what I mean?

  2. Inventor hsm 2019 …iam working with this software from 2017 …..its better than DS mastercam …smooth 5 axis milling with this software just after programming in hsm set tool offset in g54 cmd and excecute ..

  3. I ask for advice. I use the Autodesk Inventor 2017 professional at work, and I want to install a program for cnc machine programming (VN-4SS cnc machine
    Haas Automation) . Do I use Inventor HSM and Fusion 360? which is easier to use and which is more useful. Is it a more logical solution to HMS because I know the inventor? I'm new to this and I want to decide which one to buy and to start working in it. processing in our company are very simple-threads, holes, channels, grooves.

  4. It doesn't matter where you live. The fact is you should buy products made as close to their site of operation as possible for when inevitably SHTF. No company wants to look bad in today's sphere of instant social interaction; if they make a mill and it's shit, they're either working on a fix or they're out of business. Doesn't matter if they're headquartered in Cupertino or Shenzhen. Buy what's right for the job, and if there's a fatal problem, call them out on it. Gather a crowd. I'm not saying it's the best way, but It's what we do and it usually works. And laterally, stop shitting on HAAS. They may not be no Mazak, but they still respond to what their users want, I'd assume they want to still exist in ten years.

  5. Hey Big Guy just want to say thanks learned lots here and I like how you take the time to explain every thing. I know you must have a vid on how to set up a 4th or 5th axis part do you find a 0 b 0 c 0 and part set in the offset table . I know Terry Berry is working on a vid but I need to learn this set up fast for my new job any docs or info you can pass on to me will be verrry much appricated.

    Thanks in advance Wayne

  6. You are seriously under-utilizing that tool. You are babying it. I don't live far from you. If you want me to stop in and show you how to cut metal like a man PM me.

  7. This guy is so full of it. I had someone ask me about his videos, so I looked at some, and they are pretty silly. First off, a Haas is not going to run at the high feed rates other machines will run at, and this guy has no idea what 800 inches a minute feedrate even looks like.

  8. I respect what this guy is trying to do and appreciate that hes trying to spread some machining knowledge but his on screen persona is just embarrassing, a little like he was a wannabe tough guy Brooklyn high school kid, that watched Goodfellas to many times and then never grew out of it.

  9. 請問有朋友使用HAAS 機器 油路系統阻塞嗎? 造成滑軌損壞?

  10. Yeah sure, Jack the speeds through the roof, it really degrades tool life and leads to catastophic tool failure and machine crashes, But who cares, everything is always blamed on operator error anyhow.


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