8 thoughts on “What is an SVG File (And How Do You Use it)? | Chia sẻ hữu ích liên quan đến chủ đề về thiết kế”

  1. I wanted to get DIVI because it is always praised. BUT !: It can't be. That your company prices the goods at $ 70 and in the end wants me to have $ 81. BUT that's not all!

    If a NEW customer from Germany consciously wants to pay with PayPal and then registers with you, I think it's more than brazen to ask for the credit card. And without card information you can't get any further, so you can't register. 👎👎👎

    If you leave the page for a short time, the advertising banner comes with a 30-day refund. Violently! Do you need it so much that you have to sell so aggressively?

    For me one thing is clear: "SUCH BUSINESS CONDITIONS DO NOT WORK"! 👎👎👎


    If I want PayPal, there will be a reason for it. Sorry, that's not possible as a company and I don't care how often it has already been bought. Because I can't come up with a product price of 15 euros and then ask for 30 euros according to the shopping cart, also offer PayPal and force the customer to pull out his credit card! So very disappointed and clearly a thumbs down! 👎👎👎


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